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Our Story

The priceless grin of a dozen street children, armored with shining brand new clothes and rejuvinated by the rare smell of the same, gleefully hopping from one ‘Puja Pandal’ to another, holding hands of a few volunteer ‘dada’, ‘didi’s and seeking Ma Durga’s blessings like never before - marked the very inception of SAROIYA and its services to the society.SARODIYA and its humble vision was hence born during the ‘Sarod Utsav’ or ‘Durga Puja’ of October 2012, in Kolkata. SARODIYA attributes its name to the omnipotent and the invincible Devi Durga, who is the fierce form of protective Mother Goddess and thus lives by the propaganda – “Where humanity is the last word !” SARODIYA, now a registered charitable Trust, has grown ever since and stands fortunate and dignified today with the support of over 6,000 esteemed members. Throughout the year, we engage ourselves in various contributory services such as, providing clothing, educational and medical help to the under privileged and the hapless. We have bonded with a number of renowned orphanages, blind schools, schools for slow learners & physically challenged children, old-age homes etc. and conduct regular educational, re-creational and medical activities for the inmates of the said institutions. Furthermore, staunchly bound by our doctrine, ‘Where humanity is the last word’, kind donations from our members has always enabled us to ensure time to time distribution of adequate supplies / aids to the needy.

We organize Blood Donation Camps every year, believing it to be one of the highest forms of all donations. Such camps are organized in collaboration with the prominent health care institute, ‘Ramakrishna Mission Seva Pratishthan’.The number of donors has been heartwarmingly surging every year. All these years, SARODIYA has been serving the poor and down trodden of the society, irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Our endeavor will continue and we solicit your continuous support to empower our vision and create a difference.

May we fondly quote industrialist Henry Ford -
“Coming together is believing. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”



Sarodiya Group